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EdP - Eau de Parfum

ExdP - Extrait de Parfum

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What kind of ingredients are used in your perfumes?

I use plant ingredients including essential oils, absolutes, concretes, tinctures, CO2 extracts, etc. and other naturally extracted materials as well as pure alcohol as a base.

Do you use animal products?

No, I do not use animal products. All my perfumes are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals.

Do you use sustainable ingredients?

Yes. I do not use oils which are becoming extinct such as rosewood or Indian sandalwood.

Do you use organic ingredients?

I use mostly organic ingredients (more than 75%) but also conventional and wildcrated ones. Because perfume formulas are not disclosed, it is hard to mark those ingredients in INCI.

What makes your perfumes different than other natural fragrances?

The perfumes and their packaging are designed especially for those who are looking for more eco-friendly and vegan options but with more sublime ingredients. We use high quality natural, mostly organic raw materials. The perfume boxes are made of recycled or recyclable paper, biodegradable seals and recycled/recyclable package filling. All perfumes are highly concentrated which makes them last much longer on your skin.

Unlike many natural perfume brands, we use a very small amount of natural isolates, to add tones only, they are not our primary palette. Our essential ingredients are pure raw materials and food grade alcohol (non-denatured).


 How long do botanical perfumes last on skin?

It all depends on the type of formula, your skin and body chemistry. For example, lighter floral fragrances will last for at least 3-5 hours, while heavier ones, those to be worn as evening perfumes, will last much longer, since their base notes are more pronounced in a perfume. Men`s skin and women`s skin differs a lot, people of dark skin will wear perfumes longer. In fact some people have more sebum production which makes perfumes last longer on their skin. It also depends on the temperature and humidity you are in. Please read the post in Journal on How to Wear Botanical Perfumes where I give more details on that. As botanical perfume longevity is a very subjective notion in general one can state that they can last for about 5 hours, for some people longer - up to 8-12 hours.

Can botanical perfumes be used by pregnant and nursing women?

All the perfumes designed by me are suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers except: Sonnet 98, Ella&Lil, Villanelle.

Can botanical perfumes cause allergies?

Yes. Although my perfumes are 100% natural, even natural substances such as essential oils and extracts can cause skin allergies, please make a standard patch test when you get your perfume samples if your skin is prone to allergies and irritation.

It is my second time ordering the same perfume, why does it smell slightly different?

Botanicals used for essential oil distillation and other extraction methods may differ depending on the harvest season, origin and the age of the oils/extract itself. Although I do my best to source exactly the same ingredients from the same suppliers, sometimes some conditions do not simply depend on me. So it is essential to accept botanical perfumes as dynamic natural blends which may evolve and slightly vary in some batches.

Can I use botanical perfumes on my clothes? Will they stain them?

Generally, yes, you can but dark perfumes can really stain. So, please, do not use them on delicate and light colour fabric. Instead to keep the fragrance longer, use a bit on a few areas such as your hair, temples but closer to your hair area, or scarves, etc.

Do botanical perfumes have an expiry date? How do i store natural perfumes?

In general they get better and more harmonious as they age, just like wine but only if stored properly. The best way to keep your natural perfume is in a dark cool place away from moisture, your bedroom (not bathroom) will be the best option. A perfume can be stored up to five years if not open, once it gets open, you should be even more careful, in both cases keep it away from light, warmth and humidity. But remember that perfumes are made to be enjoyed not stored for months or years.

Are your perfumes created only for women?

No. They are unisex. Wearing only floral or sweet perfumes for women is a stereotype. Natural fragrances offer a wider spectrum and more nuanced notes, so both men and women will enjoy them. As long as you like a certain fragrance, you can wear it.

Why is there a small sediment in my perfume? Is that normal?

With time natural perfumes may develop some residue, even though they are filtered thoroughly before decanting. It is normal for some natural raw materials and will not affect the scent. It may especially happen during long shipping (if you order from the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) and varying weather conditions and air temperatures. In any case I recommend to store perfumes in a dark, cool place away from the sun and humidity.

How do I recycle perfume bottles?

For Eau de Parfum bottles: please use pliers to remove the spray pump, recycle the cap+spray pump separately from the glass bottle. 

For Parfum Extrait bottles/flacons: recycle the cap separately from the glass bottle. For the new stoppered flacons coming in 2019: remove the small plastic seal off the glass stopper and recycle it seprately.

Parfum Extrait bottles/flacons can be reused! Put any of your favourite plant oils in and it will absorb the rest of the perfume, use it as a travel bottle for body oil as many times as you want!




What kind of packaging do you use?

I use 15-30ml glass flacons, recycled paper boxes. The filling in parcels is also 100% natural in most cases but it happens I use the filling from my suppliers which is not always eco-friendly. But instead of throwing it away and making it a disposable product, I believe it is much better to re-use it as much as you can. Unfortunately not all suppliers use compostable materials. I leave a note on your box to let you know about special cases.

How do you calculate the shipment fees?

I ship with the most convenient but also affordable method, including post service and courier companies. For original perfumes I use mostly shipment with tracking. 

The perfume seems to be out of stock or not available at the moment, can I still order?

Yes. It means it may just take a bit more time, 1-3 weeks for you to receive it. You will be notified by e-mail.

Which payment methods do you accept?

I accept PayPal, Apple Pay & credit cards. 

Why are botanical extraits de parfum more expensive?

Extrait de parfum is the most concentrated form of perfume (up to 40%) and contains more precious, rare ingredients. While mass market synthetic perfumes add a lot of markup to the low cost lab made ingredients, some artisan perfumers are committed to botanical and cruelty free top quality natural essences without adding any fillers.

How long does it take to ship if the perfume is in stock?

It takes 1-3 business days to ship your perfume.

I live out of the European Union, do I have to pay customs fees on the border?

Although in theory you must pay duties in most cases it does not happen. Most packages quickly go through the customs. But it all depends on your country.


How do I create a wishlist to keep my favourite products?

Please create an account and put the products into your cart, it will always keep the products in even after signing out.

I have a question not mentioned in FAQ, where can I get my reply?

Please use the contact page.