How to Wear Botanical Perfumes

Natural perfumes do not last as long as synthetic ones because they do not contain synthetic fixatives. Their sillage is not that strong thus they remain closer to your skin. They do not irritate your nose for many hours but slowly unfold not by note from their top to base notes.

Wear your natural perfume on your skin, clothes or hair, whichever you like. Use only a couple of drops or more if necessary. Re-apply during the day if you wish. Some people do get tired of intense aromas, so natural perfumes are perfect for those who avoid synthetic ingredients and a strong scent.

Directions: apply a little onto your pulse points (your wrists, elbow creases, neck or decollete) as well as hair or clothes. Small bottles are very comfortable, you can put them in your purse & re-apply during the day. Apply on the lower part of your face, chest, neck, behind ears. Repeat 1-3 times a day if necessary. If you want the aroma to unfold fast, apply to your pulse points, if you want the fragrance to last longer, apply it to your hair, scalp, areas away from pulse points but closer to hair, clothes, scarf, etc. You can also apply a small amount of refined coconut oil, shea butter or any kind of natural unscented balm before your perfume to seal the scent on your skin, the oils will evaporate slower.

Please remember, every person’s skin is different and thus perfumes may last longer or shorter and may create different unique accords in combination with your skin chemistry. Botanical perfumes differ in their composition and formulas, some are lighter, some are heavier, but in general, botanical perfumes should last for at least 3-4 hours, for some people - up to 12 hours. Another important and interesting fact which may be a reply to many people`s question why botanical perfumes last shorter, is that after about 30 sec your nose gets used to the aroma you are wearing, it just gets tired and stops detecting it. Try to smell something different and the perfume aroma will come back to your nose. 

Botanical perfumes create that ethereal, precious, subtle scent created originally by nature. Their elusive power is just another reminder that if we want to stay close to nature, then nothing is eternal, a change in nature is normal and ubiquitous, this is the way we can experience something.