March, 2019

Villanelle, an epic fragrance, helps its fans learn more about sustainability in the perfume industry

Villanelle perfume which was launched in March 2018 gained a massive popularity around the world thanks to a fictional scent featured in the series Killing Eve. The perfume was shown as a luxurious gift from a psycopath killer, played by Jodie Comer, to an MI5 offcer, played by Sandra Oh. While there was no hint at the brand name of the perfume, many fans of the series started searching for a real Villanelle online. Luckily, there was one, designed by an independent perfumer from Belgium, Kamila Aubre. What strikes first is a different approach to perfume making: a sustainable handmade process. Villanelle is only part of the natural fragrance line inspired by literature and other forms of art. Thanks to conscious and ethical manufacturing, many Killing Eve fans, learnt about the fast pace revolution in the beauty industry: a trend towards natural, vegan and cruelty free products.