Kamila Aubre
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Eclectic eco-luxe fragrances designed and made in Belgium

100% natural, sustainable, vegan.


Transparency and sustainability are the two essentials we blend in our in-house made scents.

From an in-depth research about each raw material we use to a minimalist, yet environmentally friendly packaging, we strive for the best for the planet and our customers.

We believe in buying less but better.


The artistry of making complex botanical fragrances rooted in the traditional pre-synthetic era of pure perfumes along with an uncommon storytelling create a unique fusion and eclecticism.

For us it is not enough to blend essential oils, we draw our inspiration from art, literature and a slow pace of living.

Perfumes are personal as well as our vision.


From vintage roses and violets, to a botanical version of ambra which imitates an old but very essential base accord in perfumery, our perfumes are complex, pure and vegan friendly.

Most of our ingredients come from organic or wild harvests.

We do not follow perfumery trends but rather blend the materials based on our palette of senses.

Choosing high quality and ethically produced perfume ingredients is as important as striving for a more sustainable perfume making process in our studio. We count every step and are open for a conversation about zero waste and minimalist living.


Focusing both on the more popular Eau de Parfum and traditional but rare Extrait de Parfum concentrations we connect the modern and classic ways of perfume application. At the same time we stress the importance of slow perfumery.

The French flacons are a beautiful addition to any vanity table and a perfect investment for an aspiring beginner in a zero waste journey, without compromising either of them.