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SS19 perfume season

UNISEX Botanical perfumes made of 100% natural ingredients


Perfumes must be savoured like a good book…

I do not follow common perfumery trends. There are many nice natural perfumes these days but I want to revive the ritual and beauty of pure perfumes which can be used in small French flacons. Artisan fragrances are made to stand out.

You do not have to be a purist to wear botanical perfumes. But if you are tired of mass market synthetic perfumes, smelling an all natural fragrance can be an elopement to a whole new world of perfumery.

bestseller: Eco-Luxe Ltd Edition of Villanelle Extrait de Parfum

The highly concentrated parfum comes in a beautiful French flacon of 30ml, a black presentation box both of which can be re-used and recycled and a set of three full samples of your choice.

It is the fragrance of footsteps in a spring forest, the breath of wind among the trees, the smell of soil and moss and the hidden obscure treasures of earth.

The fragrance opens up with spicy marjoram and fresh bergamot, flows smoothly into the heart notes of lavender, tangy green blackcurrant, clary sage and has a deep resinous drydown of vetiver, oakmoss, precious muskroot and sacred resins. 

new: vers libre cologne concentrate ltd edition

Vers Libre Cologne is a unisex fragrance and equals to Eau de Toilette in its concentration of 12%. At this moment it is a limited edition perfume and is a result of my creative experimentation. Being born in France free verse or vers libre inspired me for a free style eau de cologne which could be worn both by men and women.
The cologne is reimagined in the unique blend of creamy apricot, peach, tagete, bitter floral petitgrain sur fleurs, powdery ginger, fresh manuka and amber like labdanum.

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