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Single Samples

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Single samples have more perfume in ml, they are created for those who want to test their samples longer but are also perfect as mini perfumes.

Eau de Parfum (EdP) 2.5ml each in a spray bottle.

Extrait de Parfum (ExdP) 1.5ml each in a vial.

Eau de parfum is the most known and popular form of perfume. It is used in spray bottles and is suitable for everyday use.

Extrait de parfum has a concentration of 35% of oils, thus is used two-three times less by dabbing on your skin which creates a beautiful and more intimate ritual of perfume application. Extracts/pure perfumes/extraits de parfum are perfect for those with more sensitive skin.

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Each sample comes in a clear bag*.

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It is the fragrance of footsteps in a spring forest, the breath of wind among the trees, the smell of soil and moss and the hidden obscure treasures of earth.

The fragrance opens up with spicy marjoram and fresh bergamot, flows smoothly into the heart notes of lavender, tangy green blackcurrant, clary sage and has a deep resinous drydown of vetiver, oakmoss, precious and sacred resins. 

Fragrance character: resinous, earthy, green.

Notes: bergamot, galbanum, marjoram, lavender, blackcurrant, oakmoss, labdanum, vetiver, botanical ambra, frankincense, muskroot (from sustainable sources).


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One of the perfumes which was composed based on the colour palette of the ingredients, a synesthesia of perfume making or, as I call it 'painting' a fragrance. Inspired by the sea theme, slow living moments and one of the greatest British novels, The Waves by Virginia Woolf, Soliloquy is a type of monologue of which the whole work consists. Slow, following the rhythm of the nature, waves and the lives of protagonists, written in prose poetry, the perfume, as the book itself, makes you slow down, contemplate and enjoy the frugal things in your life...

The perfume has green but warm notes of soft green tea, tarragon, salty seaweed, earthy cepes, botanical ambra and oakmoss.

Fragrance character: soft green, slightly salty and earthy.

Notes: green tea, tarragon, seaweed, cepes, cypress, botanical ambra, oakmoss.



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Perhaps, the most delicate perfume in my line and the first one combining two forms of art - poetry and painting. Inspired by the works of D.H. Lawrence, mostly by the poem Gloire de Dijon, and the series of nudes by A. Modigliani presented at the Paris Show in 1917,  the perfume is an epitome of woman's skin, a contemplation of the beauty, a reflection of frailty of a moment, whether impetuous or languid which can be seen in its notes.

The perfume is a combination of subtle tea notes, soft white rose petals, with dark earthy nuances of cepes and a clean base of slightly smoky vetiver and delicate orris root.

Fragrance character: soft tea floral.

Notes: rooibos, white tea, white rose, cepes, orris, vetiver.


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When rose, iris, violet and lavender interact with your skin chemistry, they create a marvelous sillage around you. It is pure, live and pristine, at the same time it is filled with mellow, musky rose aroma… Inspired by vintage sachets filled with herbs, flower petals and other aromatic botanicals.

Sachet de Senteurs is a floral fragrance of classic pristine rose and lavender with pure and crisp undertone. Starting with fresh and slightly green bergamot, soft berry like blood orange and powdery mandarin it flows smoothly into its heart floral accord of a seasonal bouquet of a few kinds of roses, lavender absolute and clary sage which create  soft, luscious, mellow yet pure and delicate middle notes going into the earthy drydown of patchouli, powder-like orris root, elegant violets and creamy guaiac and woody angelica root.

Fragrance character: soft green floral.

Notes: mandarin, roses, clary sage, lavender, patchouli, orris root, angelica, guaiacwood, violets.


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A bundle of fresh herbs picked hastily before rain starts. With stems, leaves, soil crumbling off the roots it has the scent of earth, leafage and morning dew drops. Genuine ‘figures of delight’ of the first plant aromas gathered in a spring garden.

Sonnet 98 is a soft perfume with the head notes of warm, powdery and lemon like herbs, a woody herbaceous heart, mellow, resinous, amber like base notes of sacred resins and precious oils.

Fragrance character: woody herbaceous, slightly lemony.

Notes: sage, basil, thyme, ginger, may chang, cypress, geranium Bourbon, olibanum, oakmoss, vetiver. 



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Priesse is a 'perfume  medium' which helps make any natural perfume last longer, become warmer for colder months and get an amazing depth if it feels a bit flat. Use a very small amount as the base before your perfume. Recommended as extrait de parfum for more precise application.

Priesse is a perfume of elemental primordial essences of body sweat, salty storms & desires of the soul, blending animalic basics with withered narcotic florals.

The fragrance is based on animalic notes (particularly ambra) recreated using botanical ingredients. 
The scent is leathery, animalic, musky, deep, balsamic, salty, yet elegant with a touch of vanilla, jasmine and cocoa. For some wearers it may smell slightly dirty, narcotic, sweaty. 
This perfume has a different structure and does not contain top notes. It immediately transfers you to its deep salty and warm aroma, changing into indolic, slightly floral but immensely animalic and seductive scent.
Priesse can be worn alone or layered as the base for any natural perfume to enhance and deepen aromas.

Fragrance character: animalic, leathery, slightly balsamic.

Key notes: botanical ambra blend (seaweed, liquidambar, cistus, etc.), botanical musk, cocoa, indole, jasmine, vanilla.



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“Hold summer in your hand, pour summer in a glass, a tiny glass of course, the smallest tingling sip for children; change the season in your veins by raising glass to lip and tilting summer in” 
― Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

A sip of dulcet summer afternoon. Summer 1928 is rich mellow wine made of wild flowers, dreams, nostalgic moments lost far away in our childhood books. Some people keep old half torn novels to be able to touch the past, some continue daydreaming with natural perfumes... I am one of them...

The fragrance opens with the pristine heart of white champaca (magnolia), bergamot & ginger, the heart notes of mimosa, tagetes, clary sage create an amazing floral & apple honey accord, the perfume has a rich long lasting base of dry & tart green cognac, creamy guaiacwood, finest Haitian vetiver, with a touch of earthy oakmoss and sophisticated notes of fruity blackcurrant.

Fragrance character: warm floral, balmy, slightly tart & spicy, creamy.

Notes: white champaca, ginger, bergamot, mimosa, tagetes, clary sage, lavender, green cognac, vetiver, blackcurrant, oakmoss.