Vintage Perfume

Vintage Perfume


You can buy these samples only after applying for the project.

A set of eau de parfum samples, 1ml each, in a black velvet pouch (no names, only numbers).

Just numbers (recommended option): you will not know which notes are in perfumes.

With notes: you will receive the key notes by e-mail.

The number of samples is limited.

Please use the form below to submit your review within about two weeks after you get the samples. You can provide either one full review for one perfume or a few short reviews for all the three samples.

Apply for the project

Remember to write a few words about yourself.

If you do not get any reply after your application within 24h, you are approved!

The reviews are sent to: kamila.aubre (at)

More information below.

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In short:

Vintage Perfume Project is an online event organized by me. I re-create antique/vintage natural perfumes, some are slightly adjusted, and mark them only with numbers. You can apply to be a contributor to test the samples without knowing what raw materials have been used. You can write one or a few reviews by sharing your impressions. You do not need to be a perfume expert or blogger. Passion for perfumes and good English are the two main things you need!

The description of each perfume will appear at the end of the project within a few weeks-months in the Shop or Perfume Archive where you will also be able to buy 6/15/30 ml versions.

Read more about the project.