Sample Sets

Sample Sets

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How To Choose Your Perfume

How To Wear Botanical Perfumes

A set of perfume samples in a clear bag*.

Eau de Parfum (EdP) 1ml each in a spray bottle.

Extrait de Parfum (ExdP) 1/3ml each in a vial.

Eau de parfum is the most known and popular form of perfume. It is used in spray bottles and is suitable for everyday use.

Extrait de parfum has a concentration of 35% of oils, thus is used two-three times less by dabbing on your skin which creates a beautiful and more intimate ritual of perfume application. Extracts/pure perfumes/extraits de parfum are perfect for those with more sensitive skin.

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Sample Set:
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Bestsellers of the month: Villanelle, Sonnet 98, Summer 1928 (September update).

Complete Sample Set: Gloire de DijonSonnet 98, Pastoral, Villanelle, Priesse, Summer 1928.

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*the bag is made of compostable corn based material.