Orris Ambre

Orris Ambre

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Rich, ambery, powdery and very sophisticated in its aromatic texture. Like well aged wine, one has to relish this beautiful fragrance, drop by drop.

Orris Ambre is a deep, rich and very powdery fragrance in which Orris plays the main role and accompanies each note. It is sweet, warm and reminiscent of violet flowers with floral and slightly woody undertones. It opens up with sweet and spicy duet of grapefruit and a lively peppery top note of coriander; rose and jasmine create a deep and classic floral accord, the scent ends with a warm amber blend, botanical musk, nutty, musky-floral, with nuances of Cognac, underscored with subtle, sensual leather and animalic notes.

Fragrance character: rich floral, with a distinct powdery iris note.

Notes: coriander seed, pink grapefruit, Damask rose, Indian jasmine grandiflorum, ylang ylang, orris root, botanical musk, amber, oakmoss.

The perfume comes in a luxurious black box, ready to be given as a gift.

INCI: Alcohol, Aroma*.

*a blend of essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, concretes and tinctures.

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