Online Tracking

Online Tracking


Please use only for samples and mini eaux de parfum.

Applicable for all countries except Belgium (it is included in the price of shipping).

Shipping of 6ml (extrait de parfim only), 15ml and 30ml perfumes includes online tracking!

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  2. Check the total amount.

  3. If shipping is €5 (it means your order is max 100 gr), you may add Online Tracking if you want to track your order.

  4. If shipping is €10-15 (you order is more than 100gr), your order is sent as a package and it includes online tracking.

    To track the current status: before the package enters your country, please use bpost, after that, use the website of the post service of your country. In most cases your country post service will show the status as soon as it enters the international tracking system (i.e. as soon as I ship it).

 See Shipping for more information.