Mini Perfumes

Mini Perfumes

from 35.00

Mini perfumes come in a dab on bottle of 6ml & a black velvet pouch.

EdP - Eau de parfum

ExdP - Extrait de parfum

If you are a non-European customer, I highly recommend to buy mini perfumes instead of 15-30ml which will allow your package to go faster through customs and be delivered sooner to you.

Mini Eaux de Parfum are sent without tracking. To have an online tracking option please add it to your cart.

If you order more than one Mini EdP, tracking is added automatically.

Mini Extraits de Parfum are sent with tracking.

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Eau de parfum is the most known and popular form of perfume. It is used in spray bottles and is suitable for everyday use.

Extrait de parfum has a concentration of 35% of oils, thus is used two-three times less by dabbing on your skin which creates a beautiful and more intimate ritual of perfume application. Extracts/pure perfumes/extraits de parfum are perfect for those with more sensitive skin.