Limited Edition

Limited Edition

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Villanelle Extrait de Parfum (ExdP) Limited Edition + 3 samples of your choice (use the Notes form at checkout)

The perfume comes in a French flacon of 30ml and a luxurious black box, ready to be given as a gift.

Villanelle Eau de Toilette (EdT) Limited Edition

The perfume comes in a spray bottle of 30ml and a black box, ready to be given as a gift.

Vers Libre Cologne Concentrate (CC) Ltd Edition

The perfume comes in a spray bottle of 30ml and a black box, ready to be given as a gift.

Notes, fragrance character and a story for each perfume are below.

INCI: Alcohol, Aroma*.

*a blend of essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, concretes and tinctures.

Full INCI lists can be found on perfume boxes.

More information is below.

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It is the fragrance of footsteps in a spring forest, the breath of wind among the trees, the smell of soil and moss and the hidden obscure treasures of earth.

The fragrance opens up with spicy marjoram and fresh bergamot, flows smoothly into the heart notes of lavender, tangy green blackcurrant, clary sage and has a deep resinous drydown of vetiver, oakmoss, precious muskroot and sacred resins. 

Fragrance character: resinous, earthy, green.

Notes: bergamot, galbanum, marjoram, lavender, blackcurrant, oakmoss, labdanum, vetiver, botanical ambra, muskroot, frankincense.

Vers Libre Cologne Concentrate Ltd Edition

The unisex cologne is a highly concentrated perfume of about 10-12% which makes it equal to Eau de Toilette but the idea of fresh, crisp, pure scent has been kept. Verse Libre is a free verse, a poem written in a free style which abandons all poetry standards and follows the natural instincts of a perfumer.

“Vers libre is a poetic form of flexibility, complexity and naturalness created in the late 19th century in France, in 1886, largely through the activities of La Vogue, a weekly journal founded by Gustave Kahn, and the appearance of a band of poets unequalled at any one time in the history of French poetry, the ‘Counter-Romanticism’ led by Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud & others concerned with synaethesis (the harmony or equilibrium of sensation) later described as ‘the moment when French poetry began to take consciousness of itself as poetry’. The practice of vers libre is not the abandoning of pattern, but the creation of an original and complicated metrical form for each poem.”

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The concept of classic cologne ingredients has been totally ignored, instead I used the materials which offer another perspective of an everyday unisex fragrance.

Fragrance character: fresh, crisp, zesty, bitter.

Notes: ginger, petitgrain sur fleurs, tagete, manuka, apricot, peach, labdanum.