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Vintage Perfume Project

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Open: worldwide, no need to be a perfume blogger

Purpose: blind perfume testing

When: Mid-July 2018

What to do: test perfumes, write an exciting review (in clear English) and submit it to me

Rewards: Discounted samples and full bottles for contributors, incredible olfactory experience

How to apply: Application Form

Deadline: no deadline

Waiting list? Yes!

Full description of the Project.

This project is a tribute to all forgotten natural perfumes and great perfumers who explored the alchemy of oils and extracts, who created the base of modern natural perfumery.

Terms and Conditions will apply to this Project.

Thank you for applying!




As I have been experimenting with antique & vintage formulations, I have come to a conclusion that adjustments cannot be avoided. Old natural perfume formulas would look somewhat strange these days. But I will certainly stick only to the materials used in those days. As I expected the project is more a research both for you and me rather than just perfume testing. Unfortunately, there are some delays in the start of the project. And now the start is planned for July 2018.

The number of samples is limited.

Start: July 2018.

They will be based on old perfume formulas which were popular in Europe in the 1700-1800's. All perfumes will be natural, vegan and unisex.

Samples will contain 1ml of perfume blend in a vial.

Full bottles will be released based on your reviews and will contain 6-15-30ml.

All contributors will get a discount of 20% for perfume samples of the project and for full bottles. 

Shipping fees are standard.

I hope to send another update in June to give you more details.

If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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