December, 2018

Shipping: From January, 2019 shipping rates for perfumes will be 10% higher due to the increase in bpost pricing. This will affect packages sent by bpost (all samples and most of international orders).

Packaging: From February-March 2019 extraits de parfum will be in new French glass bottles. With almost zero plastic parts these re-usable classic flacons will be the most important change in my line.

Perfumes: Poetry has taken me to classics (Sonnet 98), accidental modern cinematographic expressions (Villanelle/Killing Eve), painting (Gloire de Dijon), prose poetry (Soliloquy), timeless fiction (Summer 1928) … and now my curiosity and old passion for jazz made me discover a new world of poetic and musical forms… jazz poetry. Coming in winter-spring 2019.

For US customers: Pastoral, Sachet de Senteurs and Sambacus samples and original eaux de parfum can be tested and purchased in Folio & Flores, New Orleans, USA.


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