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Vintage Perfume Project

The project will be over by the end of July or until the stock lasts.

Summer 1928

A sip of dulcet summer afternoon. Summer 1928 is rich mellow wine made of wild flowers, dreams, nostalgic moments lost far away in our childhood books. Some people keep old half torn novels to be able to touch the past, some continue daydreaming with natural perfumes... I am one of them...

The fragrance opens with the pristine heart of white champaca (magnolia), bergamot & ginger, the heart notes of mimosa, tagetes, French clary sage create an amazing floral & apple honey accord, the perfume has a rich long lasting base of ...
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The perfume may become part of the permanent collection but may also go to Perfume Archive until next summer.

Perfume Archive

Orris Ambre is going to Perfume Archive. There will be still some samples available this summer, then when the stock is over, it will disappear from the shop page. I want to minimize alcohol based perfumes to introduce perfume oils this autumn.

Perfume Review on Cafleurebon:

Priesse and Pastoral

"For myself, Priesse brought forth the memory of hot backstage theatre lights in an empty makeup room- animal hair brushes still heavy with grease paint and powders clinging to puffs, all infused with the distinct  aroma of nervous excitement human sweat: faintly floral, somewhat salty, remotely resinous and reassuring..."

Pastoral is the pristine epitome of its name, both evoking and idealizing a romanticized countryside. Because of the golden break of light ambra offers, the early morning headlong plunge into the heath of oakmoss and herbs, resting one’s head against stacks of sweet still green hay— this becomes a sort of spiritual guidance in the pause between the first inhalation and requisite exhalation..."

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