January 16, 2019

Eco-Luxe Touch: New gift boxes made of recycled paper for sample sets and new boxes for all perfumes except EdT.

From mid January all perfumes except Villanelle will now be available either as EdP (15/30ml) or ExdP (15ml) only.

EdP will include: Villanelle, Sonnet 98, Summer 1928, Gloire de Dijon, Orris (Ambre).

ExdP will include Villanelle, Priesse, Sambacus, Soliloquy, Sachet (de Senteurs).

Perfume Season 2019: Jazz poetry perfume(s). Coming winter-spring 2019.

From mid January 2019 extraits de parfum will be in new French glass bottles. With almost zero plastic parts these re-usable classic flacons will be the most important change in my line.

Eaux de Parfum will be available in 15ml spray bottles in a similar minimalist design around January 2019.

For US customers: samples and selected eaux de parfum can be tested and purchased in Folio & Flores, New Orleans, USA.


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