How to Use French Flacons

Flacons are very rare these days and unfortunately people are slowly forgetting the pleasure of slow perfume. Doing things on the go and having disposable things are signs of our hectic society. Why not try the old conventional method of applying perfume? Extraits will last for years as well as the flacons.

French flacons are made of glass except for the small seal on the stopper which protects your perfume. I chose the traditional flacons for extracts to revive the ritual of perfume dabbing. Extraits I create can be considered as zero waste perfumes.


French flacons are best kept in a dark cool place. I do not recommend to store your flacons in the bathroom. A bedroom is a perfect place. Please keep all your perfumes away from pets and kids. Perfumes are flammable and consist of pure alcohol and oils.


Flacons are waterproof if used properly. I do not recommend to take flacons with you for everyday use. They will stay safer on your vanity table or on the shelf. If you do have to travel or move and you need to transport your flacon with pure perfume, it is important to fix the stopper to the bottle. Use paper tape or cord, then wrap your flacon tightly with paper and fix the paper. If possible, keep your perfume in a vertical position.


When you receive your extrait, it will be protected by a cotton cord around it. The cord is compostable. It is best to cut it for safer opening. Whenever you open or close your flacon, rotate the stopper clockwise and push a little bit when closing. Make sure you you do not push too much and close it well at the same time.

Please use the stopper to apply your perfume on wrists or neck or any other part of your body. Natural perfumes do NOT go bad or get contaminated as long you use them on clean and dry skin. There is more than 60% of alcohol which makes them shelf stable for many years. The best tip for using extraits is please use them slowly. I know some might be scared to spill the precious perfume, but I promise you if you create a slow ritual when noone else can bother you and apply the perfume without haste, it will be safe.

Final notes

Any natural perfumes may develop some sediment with time but not all. It depends on the temperature and other conditions. Natural scents may get cloudy if the temperature is very cold. All this will not affect the perfume. BUT high temperature and direct sun exposure may be dangerous. Please NEVER leave your perfume bottle/flacon in the sun.

I recommend to re-use your flacon! You can fill it with any plant oil and it will absorb the rest of the perfume. Use it as body oil. The labels can be easily removed. If you received your perfume with a standard label, it means it is made of film. Please recycle it properly! But you can also leave a note at checkout and I will use a paper one on the bottom of the flacon.

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