Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 Perfume Season

Photo: Diogo Sousa

Photo: Diogo Sousa


Autumn is here however difficult it is to realize it for some of us. But, autumn is the season I started loving recently. Maybe it is due to its colours or its poetic image, or just because it is indeed inspiring for many creative people.

The initial idea of changing perfumes was based on seasons and I planned to introduce warm scents for colder weather but everything changed when I realized that I would love to study different forms of fine art and create beautiful stories for botanical perfumes.

So September has started with the release of Gloire de Dijon, a limited edition perfume or seasonal perfume, as all the perfumes I design. Warm, delicate and subtle in its colour notes. It is reminiscent of warm skin in the morning glow and is inspired by the blend of poetry and painting celebrating female sensuality.

October and November, the months of grey, stormy weather in Western Europe always call me to the North Sea. But not because it is so moody, in fact it creates a special slow mood when your senses become acute and every detail is essential. Crisp autumn mornings and long evenings are for slow indoor meditations: a cup of morning coffee, a good book before sleep or a perfume calling you for adventures with its evocative aroma. The sea theme and slow living are the key notes in the second perfume coming this new season.

Not to create muddy but rather beautifully blended colours, as artists say, I choose the minimum amount of art but the common points where the forms cross. Poetry as the key ingredient in every perfume has many deep connections and may offer unexpected interpretations for the art which can’t speak or the art which was influenced or co-existed with it. Staying in the early 20th century, I turn to poetry and jazz. But I would not like to give too many details but would rather give a sneak peek into the new season.

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