Sachet de Senteurs Perfume


One day you open a drawer and you stumble upon that small cotton pillow with dry herbs in. It is so nostalgic and smells of all those old summer days, dry hot afternoons, sweet lavender buds and a bundle of old memories. Such sachets tend to stay in old closets or drawers for many months or even years. But what strong scent memories they hold! They remind me of my childhood days, my mother used to sew a lot: from curtains to fixing our clothes and hand sewing was my normal duty during summer.

Sachets have an interesting history and were originally used for other purposes. But this post is about the nostalgic scent I wanted to create when those small bundles of herbs and petals were dried and sewn into pillows, some contained local plants, some - exotic, some - seeds or even roots. For me a classic sachet is a bunch of classic botanicals: rose, lavender, violets. What would I add to make the scent bit more vintage, a bit more unisex but still endlessly charming? 

Yellow mandarin has powdery citrus notes, it is not overwhelming and beautifully blends with rose which is the heart of the perfume. In the first batches of the perfume there was only one rose: Turkish. Later on I added a Moroccan rose which is more sublime and has a richer honey scent, together they create an amazing accord which plays so harmoniously with clary sage and lavender. To make it more enticing I blend a few kinds of roses and those are kept secret  which is simply marked as a bouquet of roses. You may ask: why? The answer is: I want to use the roses according to seasons, availability and to make it more dynamic. You will say: rose is a rose. But the same variety of rose grown in the same soil will differ in its scent and even composition. To show you how much live botanicals are, I create a blend of different roses in Sachet de Senteurs. So if you buy a bottle of Sachet for the second time you may notice that your rose perfume may smell slightly different this time but no less beautiful, it will just have slightly different heart notes which I find very exciting.

In general, rose is used in small amounts in perfumes for different reasons. But Sachet is an exception, it is totally devoted to highlight the beauty of musky roses and English lavender which I find much more subtle and more round than French one. English lavender has some kind of exquisiteness without harsh top notes, a perfumer would say that this oil has been aging for at least a few months which makes oils so mellow and rich. This is why the English variety is so perfectly blended with the 'muskieness' of roses. 

A rare and very precious angelica root oil has a woody and rich base note which creates a soft velvety pillow case for the florals alongside violet leaves and creamy guaiacwood.

Many people ask me if there is a perfume in my line which can be worn in any season of the year for any occasion, something you dab on your skin without thinking because whatever mood are in, it will not only lift your spirits but will make you drift away. And I say, there is a very dreamy, nostalgic, vintage and even poetic perfume which was born literally in one day, the day when I decided to take natural perfumery very seriously, it is Sachet, a sachet of herbs, flowers, leaves, memories, dreams, etc. Just wear it whenever you need more romantic sentiments, perhaps, if you are in the 'Jane Eyre' mood...

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