Vintage Perfume Project

Have you ever thought of smelling natural perfumes from the past? There is a chance not only to sample them but help me choose the best of them and design a series of vintage perfumes on my website!

There are many old sources which contain early skin care, powders and perfume recipes which could be made at home. But there are also  books written for perfumers and I am a big fan of such books. Most of the old perfume book editions contain animal products such as musk and civet. But these days, an experienced perfumer can easily substitute those with plant materials. I have decided to adventure and replicate some of those precious formulas.

To give you an idea I will give an example of early perfume recipes. While studying old formulations (published mostly in Europe)  I found out that, of course, the structure of many perfumes was much more different. Many ingredients, which were, probably, very popular at that time, are repeatedly used in many recipes. Rose, jasmine and tuberose can be found in most of them. Most perfumes were floral with animalic base accords. First, that fact discouraged me and I thought how simple some of those old perfumes could be, all people wore the same scents. But among all those formulations, strange old measurements, I found true treasures, I could almost smell the notes through the pages. Some sound charming, some tempting, some seductive. But they all have one trait in common - you can't find them these days. There is no chance!

Some vintage perfume formulations do not necessarily need to be replicated precisely. These days we wear different perfumes, there are trends which change but some people like to go back to the past and even long for sampling those precious perfumes worn two centuries ago. And as a perfumer I could introduce some tweaks to make some perfumes more wearable for modern times. If you have already tried natural perfumes, you know how different they are and in the form of an extrait they may feel a bit heady. When we talk of vintage scents, that is probably how you imagine a scent formulated a few hundred years ago: heavy, rich, concentrated. What a big contrast with modern French style perfumes which have to attract people with the first sniff on a perfume strip.

I would love to create a small project inn which you, as perfume lovers, could take part too.

I want to re-create a few old perfume formulations, make samples without names or any other description of notes and let you judge the scent and write a small review. But you will have an option to have name labels on or just have numbers. As a contributor you will be rewarded with a discount in case you decide to buy a full bottle. If you are a blogger, however small or big, your name and review will stay on my website for your promotion. I have decided to involve ordinary perfume collectors and just enthusiasts, avoiding big perfume bloggers (but those are welcome too).

What is a perfume review?

Reviews are not supposed to give positive or negative opinions and as some of you may know, it is not how a perfume review is written in general. I would love to hear what memories and associations a perfume evokes in you, what you see and feel when you smell it. You will decide whether your review will be short or long. It must be a concentration of words, something which will help others smell the perfume without sampling it!

There will be different types of perfumes, including colognes and eau de parfum. More details will be announced within a few days or weeks in the next Newsletters and on IG and FB.

How will it work?

- You subscribe to the waiting list below. You can choose in the form below if you want to review perfumes with name labels or without. I recommend the second option to make it more exciting!

- Within a few weeks I will inform you and confirm you as a contributor. I will send the total list of samples and payment instructions.

- After you place an order, pay for it and get it, you will have about two-three weeks to sample them and write your reviews.

- You can choose to write one longer review for one of the perfumes you loved most or short reviews for all perfume samples (I would like to get one of those options from you). You will decide how long or short your reviews are but they must be clear and strong in the words you choose.

- After you send a review, I will send the description of perfumes so that you could compare your impressions and real notes, if you chose perfumes without names.

- Based on your reviews, I will choose which perfumes can be released in full bottles.

- I will do my best to post all reviews but in the end I will have to choose the most exciting ones. But you will get your rewards in any case!

What will be your rewards?

You will get samples at special prices, you will get a discount for a full bottle when it is released, you will have a chance to smell and review perfumes based on vintage formulations, you will get an exciting experience as a perfume blogger/lover since you will review a scent without knowing what is in!

This project is a tribute to all forgotten natural perfumes and great perfumers who explored the alchemy of oils and extracts, who created the base of modern natural perfumery.

If this project sounds interesting for you, please contact me and I will put you on the waiting list. The updates will also be posted in a monthly newsletter.

The project is open for perfume lovers around the world.

Perfume samples & full bottles are offered with a discount for the project contributors. Standard shipping costs will apply to all orders. Perfume reviews are a must for the Project. All reviews must be written in clear English.

Terms and Conditions will apply to this Project.

Thank you for applying!



The project is closed