New Rose in Sachet de Senteurs


Sachet de Senteurs was inspired by classic, vintage scent of botanicals, including roses, lavender, violets, iris, herbs, etc. Although the purpose of such cotton pillows (Sachet de Senteurs is another name of sachets - pillows filled with herbs and petals) was more than just wearing and keeping aromatic plants, it is a nice nostalgic vision of a natural scent.

From April 2018 Sachet will contain two kinds of roses: Turkish and Moroccan. The two of them have distinct rose aromas but by blending they create a unique vintage musky note in the perfume.

Moroccan rose (new addition) has a warm, deep floral, honey and sweet aroma. It is comforting, uplifting and beautiful. It also possess ripe plum notes and soft spicy undertones.

Turkish rose  has a diffusive rose-honey note with an immensely deep rose character in the heart notes and a beautiful rose warmth in the base notes. 

Although all rose absolutes have that beautiful red amber colour, I noticed that Moroccan rose has an intense scarlet amber colour which gives a rose tint to the perfume blend.

If you want to smell the depth and a slightly vintage and saturated waft of roses and violets, then Sachet de Senteurs perfume is definitely worth a try for you. Like all my creations, Sachet is available in the form of parfum extrait which contains up to 40% of oil concentration.  It is available in a 1/4ml sample, 1.5ml mini perfume and 15ml parfum extrait. To get a light green rose-violet floral aroma, apply a very small amount of pure perfume, to get a more intense aromatic symphony, apply more and definitely closer to your nose: neck, behind ears or hair.

Perfume profile

Sachet de Senteurs is a light floral fragrance of classic pristine rose and lavender with pure and crisp undertone. Starting with fresh and slightly green bergamot, soft berry like blood orange and powdery mandarin it flows smoothly into its heart floral accord of Turkish & Moroccan rose absolutes, lavender absolute and clary sage which create  soft, luscious, mellow yet pure and delicate middle notes going into the earthy drydown of patchouli, powder-like orris root, elegant violets and creamy guaiac and woody angelica root.

Fragrance character: soft green floral

Notes: bergamot, blood orange, mandarin, Turkish rose, Moroccan rose, clary sage, lavender, patchouli, orris root, angelica, guaiacwood, violet leaf.

The full perfume description can be found here.

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