Priesse Perfume

I love the sensual.

For me this

and love for the sun

has a share in brilliance and beauty.


A symbol of love, Sappho, wrote emotional poems which had to be accompanied by a lyre. Although portraying mostly homoerotic feelings, the Poetess, wrote beautiful lines, from which only fragments have been preserved and which still find resonance in today`s world.

In the new perfume I am blending the archaic, the carnal, the vital and, of course, the poetical. The essence of the perfume lies in the presentation of the scent of skin immersed in seduction, physical love, attraction. Whatever Sappho`s sexuality was, perhaps, we will never know it, it is pure desire which keeps us alive. I have chosen animalic, slightly sweet and salty notes to imitate the scent of lovers’ skin.

Animalic notes have always been attracting perfumers and were one of the first ingredients used in perfumery but these days the world has become more conscious. I do not use any animal ingredients. But for a perfumer with an artistic soul it is just exciting to create a blend which might still have some leather and musk tones but only completely cruelty free ones.

Priesse does not look like any of my perfumes created before. It does not have those floral or vintage nuances. It is a different concept, something I wanted to create for a long time. PIt does not have any top notes. I want you to indulge in its heart and base notes as soon as the oils touch your skin. 

Ambra (ambergris imitation using botanical ingredients), as my own interpretation and vision lies in the base of the fragrance. Jasmine, cocoa, vanilla. indole and botanical musk add a touch of seductiveness.

The perfume starts with slightly salty and balsamic notes which vanish into velvet lush notes of ambra with the key notes of seaweed, cistus, liquidambar which create a leathery, woody-vanilla, animalic heart-base accord. 

The scent of the perfume does sound seductive, although for some people it may smell sweaty and remind of dirty skin covered with rotten indolic exotics. But those are the notes which in small amounts create a deep unisex entity, soaked in lure.

As all my perfumes it is unisex but has a peculiar character and can be worn as the base for other natural perfumes including floral and oriental ones.

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