Priesse Perfume


Animalic notes have always been attracting perfumers and perfume enthusiasts but since there are more conscious consumers these days who avoid both synthetic ingredients and animal derived products, having some musk or ambergris in a perfume can be a challenge. There are, of course, natural isolates but those do not offer a full range of notes, some can be a bit flat. And for a perfumer with an artistic soul it is just exciting to create a blend which could be specific to his/her brand.

One can find it strange that vegan perfumes may contain animal materials and in general animalic notes. But it is not about having a scent from a killed animal (sorry for putting it straight), it is deer musk (hardly used ever these days but still can be found is some perfumes) glands and other animal ingredients which include torturing and killing, it is about having some nuances or a full bodied accord of an animalic character (naturally occurring secretion) and some real animal products do come from cruelty free sources (although I do not use them at the moment). One of them is ambergris from a sperm whale, a rare precious ingredient which can make any perfume deeper and much more interesting adding natural longevity. 

Some plants could completely substitute even the most cruel materials: ambrette seed as musk, for example. But experienced perfumers use those alone or most often in combination with other botanical ingredients.

But the post is not about animal notes in perfumery but about the new perfume Priesse which I have finally finished. It does not look like any of my perfumes created before. It does not have those floral or vintage nuances. It is a different concept, something I wanted to create for a long time. Priesse does not have any top notes, it does not start with light citrus or floral notes. Nothing like that. And it was done on purpose. I want you to indulge in its heart and base notes as soon as the oils touch your skin. 

I have created an ambra (ambergris blend), my own interpretation, my own vision and concept which lies in the base of the fragrance. Although I wanted to create a pure ambra scent at the beginning, later I decided to add some light seductive notes of jasmine, cocoa, vanilla. indole and botanical musk. 

The perfume starts with slightly salty and balsamic notes which vanish into velvet lush notes of ambra with the key notes of seaweed, cistus, liquidambar, etc. which create a leathery, woody-vanilla, animalic heart-base accord. 

The scent of the perfume does sound seductive, although for some people it may smell sweaty and remind of dirty skin covered with rotten indolic exotics. But those are the notes which in small amounts create a deep unisex entity, soaked in lure. But I can never tell you how this perfume will smell on your skin. This is my interpretation of Priesse, this is how it smells on my pulse points...

As all my perfumes it is unisex but has a peculiar character and can be worn as the base for other natural perfumes including floral and oriental ones. The perfume can be ordered as parfum extrait and eau de parfum.

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