Poetic Spring Perfume Collection


Pastoral, Sonnet 98, Villanelle

While designing the 2nd perfume collection I thought to bring perfume enthusiasts as close to nature as possible. Botanical perfumery is all about the artistry and vision of a perfumer. For me green notes are those existing in their whole form, thus those originating from herbs, grass, blossoms, resins, etc.

The next three perfumes were inspired by classic poetry of spring. I wanted to do my best to devote them to certain poems but then I realized how difficult and time consuming it might be in the end. And in short quite impossible. The idea of the series is to show the classic poetic entity of spring, transition, senses and revival. The entity of the common early spring days in Europe... spring as it is, soft, rainy, windy, full of expectations...

What are the notes I chose to be the key ones?

If you read one of my previous posts about spring scent you will understand how the three perfumes will differ in their aroma. The natural fragrance of air, plants and earth are the main constituents. 

Vetiver and Oakmoss give freshness and are reminiscent of damp earth after rain.

Blackcurrant is the core of spring burgeons.

Bergamot and Clary Sage are the fresh spring wind.

Almond is the elusive spring blossom in the air.

Marjoram, Sage, Basil, Thyme are the bitter/sweet green notes and the revival of Earth vegetation.

Precious Muskroot is the spring soil.

Resins such as Myrrh, Olibanum, Labdanum are the heart of forests.

Geranium, May Chang, Rose, Mimosa notes embody the new florescence aromas.

What do perfumes embody?

Pastoral is fresh spring air and breezy April wind blended with showers, thunder dust and chill spring nights. It is the long awaited transition between winter and spring, between frost and warmth, between long sleep and sweet awakening.

Sonnet 98 is a rebirth of vegetation, a bouquet of fresh herbs and flowers picked hastily before April rain starts. With stems, leaves, soil crumbling off the roots it has the scent of earth, leafage and first rose petals. Genuine ‘figures of delight’ of the first plant aromas gathered in a spring garden.

Villanelle is reminiscent of damp soil, resins, moss, woody-herbaceous plants. It is the fragrance of  the footsteps in a spring forest, the breath of wind among the trees, it is the smell you get when you get closer to the soil and see the sprouts growing and go closer to trees and see the first buds opening.

All the three perfumes are unisex and can be worn at any season, although green notes are especially good in spring-summer.

The three perfumes will be available in March 2018.

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