What Does Spring Smell Like?


 William Wordsworth


I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills, 
When all at once I saw a crowd, 
A host, of golden daffodils; 
Beside the lake, beneath the trees, 
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

One of the most anticipated seasons for most people is spring. Depending on the country you live in spring may start with rain showers, sunny days, breezy days and, of course, full of fresh, subtle elusive aromas.

For me spring starts when I finally see the long awaited burgeons on tree twigs, when suddenly you forget about the coming warmth because of long rainy days and the next morning, it is there, the pristine floral lilac blossom. Spring aromas are crisp, sweet, green, with virid foliage notes, they are truly intangible in the wind but become so memorable with time.

In many cultures spring means a new start, the natural cycle of life renews its look and fragrances. The first aromas come from blooming trees. While the air is still cool and it is windy, those fragrances come fragile, sophisticated, sublime, the natural aromatic bouquets are enhanced by the still cold season. And as the bright colour flowers start blooming, that all creates a magnificent picture of naturally perfumed wafts of air, efflorescing tulips, daffodils, cherry, almond, apple, magnolia, etc.

In fact spring aromas are so complicated and yet so exquisite. The widely known spring flowers cannot be or are very hard to replicate even using synthetic ingredients. They do not have enough essential oils to be extracted. Spring does not allow its most delicate and distinguished oeuvre to be copied and recreated by man.

What is that spring redolence? What do we smell and remember so well from our childhood?

Spring aromas include not only tree blossoms but also ozone, something you feel before rain starts;  petrichor, the earthy smell during and after rain; fresh foliage, grass, wet soil and tree bark, the first sprouts of herbs and their soft herbaceous essential oils exuded when rubbed between palms. But most importantly spring fragrances come from our personal experiences, moments, memories. It is a natural blend of a spring landscape be it a city or a countryside one, a breath of live plants finally awaken from long repose, our childhood and romance memories and many other personal associations.

Spring redolence is a real perfume blend bottled in a beautiful diaphanous bottle of breeze, rain, sun and soil, containing leafage, flowers, grass, buds, dreams, aspirations and many other beauteous components. 

Which notes is spring composed of?

Vetiver is fresh and earthy. Oakmoss is reminiscent of wet grass, damp soil, forest leafage and trees. Almond, rose, mimosa  and a touch of blackcurrant have light floral aromas which blended in an accord create the warm April air full of first bouquets. Herbs such as thyme, sweet basil and marjoram are bitter sweet, sometimes pungent, mixed with fresh citrus notes of lime or red mandarin replicate the first herbaceous aromas from a garden. 

Spring fragrances are complex, at times intricate but endlessly captivating and beautiful.

Kamila AubreComment