Floraison Perfume Collection


Orris Ambre, Sambacus, Sachet de Senteurs

Delicate blossoms, bitter green twigs and leaves, precious wood, earthy  and warm incense, musky flower seeds... Floraison Perfumes started in 2016 with a custom perfume dedicated to Iris. In 2017 it grew to a small floral collection of artisan niche perfumes which is going to grow in the upcoming months.

Woman`s beauty has always been associated with blossoms, whatever form they take: a bud or a fragrant blossom in its full bloom. Floral aromas have been attracting me for years and while studying natural perfumery a few years ago, I knew my first perfumes will contain classic floral notes, something which can appeal to any woman, from the most sultry to the most delicate scent.

The first three perfumes of the Floraison Collection were designed around classic floral scents such as rose, jasmine, lavender, mimosa, iris and violet.

If I could rate the first three Floraison Perfumes in their floral sweetness intensity, I would give Orris Ambre the highest score (rich and sweet) and Sachet de Senteurs (crisp and pure but also slightly herbal and honey) the lowest.

For me, florals can be pure and crisp, also green and herbal, honey and tea like and in the end very rich and luscious. But you can also control the power of the scent by applying more or less of your favourite perfume.  By applying it to your pulse points you will release the heart and base notes much faster but by dabbing your hair or clothes the scent will linger on around you and the essential oils will evaporate at a slower rate.

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