How to Choose Your Perfume

You have probably heard of the existence of fragrance families or a fragrance wheel. Different sources give slightly different interpretations. Most common ones are based on synthetic perfumes. To choose the perfume you will love is not only about understanding the perfume theory and basics  which can easily be googled these days but knowing that natural ingredients act in a completely different way, are created, tested and worn using other methods.

While synthetic perfumes are created using mostly lab created ingredients, most of them one molecule ones, they do not give so much depth and nuances of the essences to the one who wears them. Most lab ingredients cannot even fully reflect the full range of notes a certain natural oil or absolute may have. Once you smell real jasmine or rose absolute you will never want to go back to synthetics anymore.

While every woman almost always knows what kind of perfumes she might like, it is really important to read the description of the notes in perfumes. It is not enough to know which fragrance family a perfume belongs to, I prefer to give a detailed depiction of the key notes presented in a certain flacon: how the top notes unfold and transition into the heart of the perfume and smoothly flow into the dry-down accords, the basis, of the blend.

One of the key features of botanical perfumes is their ability to interact with your skin chemistry. If you feel like a certain description of the notes finds its way into your soul, memories, imagination and you want to try it, it is important to try a sample first.

I always say that what you smell straight out of the sample vial or flacon is not what you will feel on your skin. Never judge a perfume before it is applied on YOUR skin. As extraits de parfum are very concentrated use a small amount and wear it until it fades. Try it at least three times to give your final judgement and decide whether it is something you would like to wear as an everyday perfume or for special occasions or it is just not your kind of perfume.

I have also introduced mini perfumes of 1.5ml which are designed for those who want to have a collection of all the perfumes without investing too much or just to test samples longer to choose the best scent in an original 15ml flacon.

Whether you skip from a sample to 15ml or have mini perfumes between the two options, it is up to you! In the end the best way to know if a certain perfume is made for you is to try it on your own skin.