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Here you can choose and buy the original perfumes (without samples) which are either seasonal or have been discontinued. If you are buying a perfume from the Archive, it means you have tried the samples when the perfume was available in the shop before.

More info about the perfumes is below.

EdC - Eau de Cologne 30ml spray bottle

EdP - Eau de Parfum 30ml spray bottle

ExdP - Extrait de Parfum 15ml dab on bottle

MEdP - Mini Eau de Parfum 6ml dab on bottle

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Fragrance character: a classic and simple presentation of unisex Cologne blended in pure alcohol base.

Key notes: lemon, bergamot, rosemary, petitgrain, French lavender, cerdarwood, frankincense.



Aequilibrium is the sense of harmony, strength, stability, integrity and tranquillity; it helps alleviate stress, anxiety, anger, depression and other negative feelings.

Fragrance character: fresh, light top notes of bitter sweet citrus, warm, sweet-herbaceous & fruity-green tagetes, well balanced with dry and earthy oakmoss and slightly peppery and balsamic wild grown olibanum.

Key notes: petitgrain bigarde, yellow mandarin, tagetes, oakmoss, olibanum.



Read more about Orris Ambre

Rich, ambery, powdery and very sophisticated in its aromatic texture. Like well aged wine, one has to relish this beautiful fragrance, drop by drop.

Orris Ambre is a deep, rich and very powdery fragrance in which Orris plays the main role and accompanies each note. It is sweet, warm and reminiscent of violet flowers with floral and slightly woody undertones. It opens up with sweet and spicy duet of grapefruit and a lively peppery top note of coriander; rose and jasmine create a deep and classic floral accord, the scent ends with a warm amber blend, botanical musk, nutty, musky-floral, with nuances of Cognac, underscored with subtle, sensual leather and animalic notes.

Fragrance character: rich floral, with a distinct powdery iris note.

Notes: coriander seed, pink grapefruit, Damask rose, Indian jasmine grandiflorum, ylang ylang, orris root, botanical musk, amber, oakmoss.


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Dark Sambacus pure perfume is balsamic in its top notes but slowly flows into sweeter floral notes of jasmine sambac, ylang ylang, mimosa and finishes with a deep waft of labdanum, amber, tonka bean and Peru balsam. The extrait is slightly smoky, with caramel undertone, but floral and sweet in its heart. Definitely another kind of jasmine, something you have not experienced before.

Sambacus is a combination of green and sweet floral notes with an amber and a slightly caramel like base. Jasmine sambac also known as Arabian jasmine blossom has a light, fresh sweet floral and slightly minty aroma. Playing in the heart of Sambacus with sweet ylang ylang, delicate and honey like mimosa absolute, it opens its bouquet with fruity and tart lime and bitter leafy-earthy galbanum and gets richer in the base of warm labdanum resin, vanilla like balsam of Peru and powdery, sweet, with soft tobacco like undertone of tonka bean.

Fragrance character: balsamic, sweet floral, green and smoky

Notes: galbanum, lime, Indian jasmine sambac, ylang ylang, mimosa, tonka bean, labdanum, Peru balsam, amber.


Sachet de Senteurs

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When rose, iris, violet and lavender interact with your skin chemistry, they create a marvelous sillage around you. It is pure, live and pristine, at the same time it is filled with mellow, musky rose aroma… Inspired by vintage sachets filled with herbs, flower petals and other aromatic botanicals.

Sachet de Senteurs is a floral fragrance of classic pristine rose and lavender with pure and crisp undertone. Starting with fresh and slightly green bergamot, soft berry like blood orange and powdery mandarin it flows smoothly into its heart floral accord of a seasonal bouquet of a few kinds of roses, lavender absolute and clary sage which create  soft, luscious, mellow yet pure and delicate middle notes going into the earthy drydown of patchouli, powder-like orris root, elegant violets and creamy guaiac and woody angelica root.

Fragrance character: soft green floral, slightly musky.

Notes: mandarin, roses, clary sage, lavender, patchouli, orris root, angelica, guaiacwood, violets.


Flowers of Erin 

Vintage/antique perfume formulation.

Limited edition perfume.

The perfume was part of the Vintage Perfume Project and was Nr 1 in the set.

Fragrance character: soft floral.

Notes: rose, jasmine, orris, vanilla.


Black Incense

Vintage/antique perfume formulation.

Limited edition perfume.

The perfume was part of the Vintage Perfume Project and was Nr 2 in the set.

Fragrance character: sweet balsamic.

Notes: myrrh, olibanum, orris, patchouli.


Violette de Parmee

Vintage/antique perfume formulation.

The perfume was part of the Vintage Perfume Project and was Nr 3 in the set.

Limited edition perfume.

Fragrance character: green floral with animalic base notes.

Notes: bergamot, rose, violet, patchouli, animalic notes (botanical), orris.


INCI: Alcohol, Aroma*.

*a blend of essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, concretes and tinctures.

Full INCI lists can be found on perfume boxes.

Each perfume comes in a black box made of recycled paper.

Mini perfumes come in a black velvet bag.