Perfume Archive

Perfume Archive


Here you can choose and buy the original perfumes (without samples) which are either seasonal or have been discontinued. If you are buying a perfume from the Archive, it means you have tried the samples when the perfume was available in the shop before.

Please allow 1-2 weeks after you place an order for your perfume to age before I can ship it. After you receive it, you will need to let your perfume age for another 1-2 weeks before you start using it.

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Eau de Parfum

Aequilibrium is the sense of harmony, strength, stability, integrity and tranquillity; it helps alleviate stress, anxiety, anger, depression and other negative feelings.

Key notes: petitgrain bigarde, yellow mandarin, tagetes, oakmoss, olibanum

Fragrance Character: fresh, light top notes of bitter sweet citrus, warm, sweet-herbaceous & fruity-green tagetes, well balanced with dry and earthy oakmoss and slightly peppery and balsamic wild grown olibanum.

30ml  spray bottle €75



Fragrance Character: a classic and simple presentation of unisex Cologne blended in pure alcohol base.

Key notes: lemon, bergamot, rosemary, petitgrain, French lavender, cerdarwood, frankincense.

30ml  spray bottle €75