sustainable minimalist perfumes

inspired by the aesthetics of nature, art and slow living

Our world is too hectic, we seem to forget to stop and relish the aesthetics of nature, moments, season change... Perfumes must be savoured like a good book…

My name is Kamila, I am an independent perfumer based in Belgium. Having a non-artistic background (political and social sciences) but born in a family of creative people (my father is an architect and my grandmother was a poet), I have always been aspiring to design and create. A few years ago I left my job in a big trade company and moved to the rural area in Flanders, Belgium to devote myself to my family and creation of botanical perfumes.

I make perfumes made of high quality natural raw materials with a touch of luxury for perfume connoisseurs. All perfumes are made in small batches/limited editions and are allowed to mellow for a few weeks before being decanted into small bottles.

I do not follow common perfumery trends. There are many nice natural perfumes these days but I want to revive the ritual and beauty of pure perfumes which can be used in small French flacons. Artisan fragrances are made to stand out.

You do not have to be a purist to wear botanical perfumes. But if you are tired of mass market synthetic perfumes, smelling an all natural fragrance can be an elopement to a whole new world of perfumery.