Knowing what goes into each bottle and the way your perfume is created is essential for a conscious consumer today. Our ethos is about sustainability and storytelling: botanical perfumes must be savoured like a poem. While we are doing our best to offer the most environmentally friendly modern fragrance, we never stop our research in improving the packaging and ingredients.

K.A. perfumes are made of high quality natural raw materials. They are formulated, blended and packed by hand in our studio in a small town near Antwerp. We do not follow common perfumery trends. We are reviving the ritual and beauty of pure perfumes which can be used in French flacons. Artisan fragrances are made to stand out.

You do not have to be a purist to wear botanical perfumes. But if you are tired of mass market synthetic perfumes, smelling an all natural fragrance can be an elopement to a whole new world of pure botanical perfumery.

Extraits de Parfum are back in 2020.