My name is Kamila, I am an independent perfumer, freelance photographer and writer based in Belgium. Having a non-artistic background (political and social sciences) but born in a family of creative people (my father is an architect and my grandmother was a poet) I have always been aspiring to design and create. I had been studying natural perfumery for a few years before I created my first all-natural fragrance. I make ethical perfumes made of high quality natural raw materials with a touch of luxury for perfume connoisseurs. 

All perfumes are made in small batches and are allowed to age and mellow for a few weeks before being decanted into small bottles. I do not follow common perfumery trends. There are many nice natural perfumes these days but I want to revive the ritual and beauty of pure perfumes which can be used in small dab/splash flacons. Artisan fragrances are made to stand out. And I am blending a few key ingredients in my creations: transparency, ethics, high quality, exclusiveness. 

You do not have to be a purist to wear botanical perfumes. But if you are tired of mass market synthetic perfumes, smelling an all natural fragrance can be an elopement to a whole new world of perfumery.

I express myself through scent. The perfumes I design are inspired by the aesthetics of nature, classic literature, senses, emotions, art, personal experiences and many other things. I look for the most astonishing sides of this world, the fragrances I design are dreamy, poetic, for some people - breathtaking and deeply touching.

I use luxurious recycled paper boxes & velvet bags to give the final finishing touch so that perfumes could be given as a gift to yourself!  

At the moment the perfumes are sold exclusively on my website.